Fruits and vegetables are foods that people need every day. Many ingredients in nutrients in fruits and vegetables, such as subsistence

Vitamins and vitamins are not resistant to high temperatures and are easily destroyed by cooking. Therefore, raw food is conducive to the preservation of these nutrients. However, fruits and vegetables grow in the soil and are susceptible to bacteria, viruses and pupae in the soil. Pollution, in order to prevent diseases and insect pests, pesticides are also applied; whether it is bacteria, viruses, parasitic eggs of parasites, or residual pesticides, if they are not removed and enter the human body, they will bring harm to human health. Proper cleaning and effective disinfection is an important part of protecting your health. This is especially important for fruits and vegetables that are prepared for raw food.

The following introduces the use and scope of this ozone water machine:

  First, Food factories and pharmaceutical factories also need to immerse and sterilize the surface of raw materials and other objects to form a sterile raw material surface (the packaging container can be contacted with high-concentration ozone gas to complete sterilization). Such as fruit can be sterile after washing and can be made into concentrated juice.

1, In the processing of aquatic products-before freezing and packaging, through high-concentration ozone water spray sterilization or over-flow immersion sterilization, the sanitary indicators of aquatic products have reached perfect control, and the use of chloride to avoid residual chlorine Excessive issues.

2, In the process of liquid food processing (such as beverages, juices, etc.) and the production process of pharmaceutical factories, high-concentration ozone water can be used for immersion and flushing of pipelines, production equipment and containers to achieve efficient sterilization. Bacteria and viruses on the surfaces of pipes, equipment, and containers are washed and killed, which is very simple and easy. That is, there is no dead end, and the emission and residue of harmful substances caused by the use of other chemical disinfectants are avoided, and ozone has no residue and secondary pollution.
3, Can be widely used in hotels, restaurants, canteens, sterilization of tableware, fruits and vegetables; and sterilization of children’s toys and objects.

4, It can replace chemical agents to prevent sprouts from spoiling and promote the growth of sprouts, and to disinfect production tools and water.

Second, Pesticide degradation: It can be widely used in public canteens, fruit and vegetable processing plants, food processing plants and other places to remove pesticides, fertilizers, food additives and other harmful substances.

Three, Water treatment: It can be widely used in algae control, sterilization of industrial water, sterilization and disease prevention of aquaculture water, deodorization, decolorization and sterilization in sewage treatment.

Four, Food preservation: It can be widely used in the process of raw materials and finished products storage, preservation, and disinfection during the production and processing of freezing plants, food processing plants, livestock slaughter plants and other units.

Five,  Purification and cleaning:

1, Can be widely used in washing clothes in hotels, hotels, saunas, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food and other industries

2, Can be widely used in the purification of public places, toilets and production sites. Ozone also has a strong bactericidal effect. Studies have shown that ozone can kill more than 99% of killing vegetative bodies within 5 minutes. At the same time, ozone also serves the purpose of deodorization. Many indoor air purifiers use the strong oxidizing property of ozone As a principle, the organic matter in the air is oxidized to achieve the purpose of purifying the air.