About Us

About Us

Sihon Electronics Co., Ltd is committed to providing one-stop solution for international purchase of ozone generators and peripheral products. Our products include ozone generators, ozone generator parts and components, PSA oxygen generators, compressors, cold dryers and other related equipment. We have many years of production and foreign trade experience in ozone generator and related products, which makes us a reliable product supplier for your long-term cooperation.

Different from other trading companies, our advantage is that we have our own ISO9001 certified production factory. In view of purchasers’ increasing preference for personalized and customized products, relying on our production capacity, we can provide our purchasers with rich and flexible product customization solutions. Through our service, we can provide our customers with quality products welcomed by the final market with competitive pricing.

Every piece that makes up a good product should be good. Therefore, for our cooperation companies, we demand the same high quality in their products as we do in our own products. Meanwhile, long-term cooperation relationship can not only ensure the quality of products, but also help to reduce the overall costs. So, our clients can make more profits in their final sales in the future. The high quality in our products, the flexibility in our customization and the reliability of order delivery make Ozonators.cn your ideal purchase destination.

Company History


Establishment of the company.


Joined Alibaba and began the foreign trade business.


Designed and started the production of all-in-one ozone kits.


Designed and produced double-sided and weld-free ozone plates with stainless steel electrodes.


Designed and produced high concentration ozone modules and large water-cooling ozone tubes.


Launched the improvement of ozone transformers and designed ozone transformers with open circuit and short circuit protection.


Designed and produced several types of ozone water generators and ozone generators for disinfection.


Started the improvement of the structures of ozone generators to improve the working efficiency and ozone concentration. New products will be launched in the 2nd half of the year.