With the industrial and economic development, we are be surround by bad air environment, like a variety of harmful pollutants and the small size of dust floating in the air, we are suffering from a variety of serious cancers especially lung cancer, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease. What can we do to improve the air like it? Here we give 8 ways to purifier indoor air quality.

1, Filter the air: Many people to choose a air purifier to filter out the particulate indoor but some of them forget to replacement the filter regularly in case of secondary pollution.

2, Stay away from pollution sources: Close the window when air outdoor more bad than indoor.

3, Control pet dander: Take a shower for pet regularly.

4, Reduce the use of air fresheners: Chemical air fresheners are generally aromatic, and perhaps become your indoor allergens.

5, Away from dust mites: Regular cleaning mattresses and bedding, to avoid dust mites cause allergic reactions.

6, Away from mold: Keep indoor humidity at a certain level, to avoid mildew fungi produce.

7, Do not smoking indoor: Indoor smoking will increase the concentration of indoor PM2.5.

8, Do exercise: Do exercise can strengthen the body, but the exercise must not be under severe environmental conditions, harsh environmental conditions caused by excess Games breathing difficulties.