After customer buy the ozone generator parts, some customers maybe meet the problem of  ozone transformer broken, i wanna to say something about when user using the ozone transformer ,how to avoid the ozone transformer broken. When you using the ozone transformer, did you ever pay attention to these points?

1,Use fan to cool

when using the ozone plate ozone tube, you should use to fan to cool both the ozone plate, ozone tube and ozone transformer. The working temperature should not be higher then 50℃,

2,Safe distance you should know

It is strictly forbidden to install the ozone generator power supply in the metal tank. We often use stainless steel case, If it is installed in the metal box, ensure that the ozone generator power supply is on the left and right sides of the power supply 5cm or more from the metal. At the same time, it should be equipped with good ventilation equipment. One of my customers send me pictures to show his installment of ozone transformers, transformers are too close to each other, This can cause electromagnetic interference, so cause the broken of the transformer. This is a very important point.

3, what’s the working environment?

ozone transformer working environment should be cooling and dry, if the working environment is moist, that’s can also influence the lifetime of the ozone transformer. If you are work beside the sea, it maybe have some influence.

4,How to do after ozone transformer stop work?

When ozone generator is not in use, first stop the power of the ozone generator, the fan should still work 20 to 30 minutes, to cool the ozone tube or the ozone plate, when the ozone tube or plate recovery to normal temperature, it can stop the fan, it is best to unplug the power. The equipment must be well grounded to prevent lightning.

  1. Connect wires length requirement

The connection line between the ozone generator power supply and the ozone plate or ozone tube shall be a high-voltage insulated wire with a withstand voltage exceeding 20,000 volts and the length of the connecting line shall not exceed 1 m

  1. Ozone transformer can work continuously?

When ozone transformer connect with ozone tube or ozone plates, it is better that working 2hours and then shut down one hour, please do not work continuously long time such as 24 hours. Using a timer is good to control the working time.

  1. Please connect well

The output wires must be well connected to the ozone tube or ozone plate to prevent poor contact and ignition and affect the fire. Please let engineer connect with them.

  1. Distance of high voltage circuit

The distance between the high voltage circuit,Between the high voltage circuit and the conductor such as metal should be more then 1cm

In recent years, as people have become more and more concerned about environmental issues, ozone generator accessories have become more and more popular, and many customers have purchased them to assemble ozone machines. I hope that customers can read this article while using ozone power to avoid unnecessary losses. Also if you have other questions about ozone, feel free to follow our website or contact us. A good-quality ozone generator will be one of the most reliable appliances in your home. Troubleshooting problems with an ozone generator is relatively simple, and most concerns can be solved by consulting your owner’s manual for regular maintenance.