As people pay more and more attention to the improvement of living environment,Ozone generators become more and more popular in the person’s daily life. Did you know the applications of ozone generators? Hereby I give you an example to let everyone know more about ozone.

1,Swimmimg Pool Water Treatment

Anybody entering a swimming pool contaminates the water either from secretion or just from washing off. Typical contaminated are Sweat, Skin flaks, Mucous, Hair ointments, Urine. In addition there are contaminants and organisms from the environment of the swimming pools such as dust algae and microorganisms therefore the pool water has to be constantly filtered and disinfected. At the present time only chlorine disinfection is used which means use if chlorine, hypochloride and chlorine dioxide. However, the disinfection efficiency of chlorine is very much hindered by water contaminants. Ozone is proved to be the most Advanced & beneficial treatment processes .Advantage of using Ozone v/s Chlorine Ozone possesses many advantages over chlorine in the processing of swimming pool water or in conjuction with chlorine.Tests have proven that ozone is from 600 to 3000 times more active in the destruction of bacteria and viruses than chlorine in the same concentration

2,Hotel Industry/ Laundry Water Treatment

Ozone is stronger oxidizer than chlorine bleach and has showed a highly disinfectant result.

Ozone technology promised better deodorization, and shorter laundry wash cycles because of reduced chemical and detergent usage. While using ozone system have energy costs are lessened by the reduction in hot water usage because ozone gives better sanitation in normal cold water, and also it helps extended the life of frequently laundered linens. Ozone system gives satisfaction with the whitening abilities, disinfection properties in hospital, hotel and hostel users.

3,Pet and Animal odors, Kennels:

In homes, veterinary Hospitals / clinics, offices and kennels, ozone can take care of odorous surfaces and make the presence of animals hardly noticeable. Using “shock treatments” ozone can remove offensive pet odors. Disinfecting pet areas with ozone kills mold & bacteria and this creates a healthier environment for pets, their owners, Hospitals, and Kennels. (Note that ozone shock treatments should not be done with pets or people in the room)  

4,Cigarette & Cigar Smoke Removal / Elimination:

OZONE eliminates the irritation caused by phenol gasses, by oxidizing them. Phenol gasses are the invisible part of tobacco smoke that causes such discomfort to one’s eyes and create the offensive odors. Ozone rids any environment of the effects of smoke completely, rather than merely filtering out some of the visible particles like an electronic air cleaner or air filter system. For restaurant, bar, or pool hall owners, these units have proven to be invaluable and help keep clientele coming back! Ozone Generators work better than “smoke eaters”, ionizers or air filters for removing smoke & smoke odors.  

5,School buses and classrooms:

One of the most inviting environment for the incubation of any kind of bacteria are those places where little ventilation exists, where the temperature is warm and a certain degree of humidity prevails. In classrooms and on school buses the combination of groups of people, the heating system and perspiration on bodies and in the atmosphere pave the way for the best conditions for bacteria and micro-organisms to multiply. The application of ozone in schools deodorizes the environment and regenerates oxygen resulting in a completely clean environment free of bacteria, micro-organisms and odors. 

  • Kill Dust Mites & Control Insects and Vermin:

Dust mites are destroyed with ozone shock treatments!  Insects and vermin are stay away from high levels of ozone. Ozone helps to remove their odors and keeps them from returning. Ozone is also used in attics to help keep rodents, birds, squirrels and other insects out.

For example, a cockroach finds food and their home by the sense of smell. An ozone shock treatment can kill the odors of not only the food location, but of the cockroach’s home. It is known that cockroaches will not leave their home if they cannot smell their way back. Also, if they smell no food, they’re not interested!

7.Odor control for sewage plants

Effective odor control and air purification requires that the odor or impurities be contained in either a ventilation stream or confined space. The odors and impurities can then be selectively treated. In most cases, those odors and contaminants generated by bacterial or organic action in either aerobic or anaerobic environments can be neutralized by oxidation using ozone. The resulting reaction compounds are innocuous and odorless. Properly controlled injection of ozone is an effective, inexpensive method of oxidizing hydrogen sulfide and methane. Each facility, with its unique problems with contaminants, environmental conditions, local requirements, and desired solution, must be addressed on an individual basis. All of these factors must be considered when designing a deodorizing/purification system.

8, Chicken farm

Ozone is becoming more widely used in farms and factories to prevent contamination.  Because of its reactivity, it is a very effective sanitizing agent, killing a larger percentage of microorganisms than other common disinfectants such as chlorine and formaldehyde.

Another major use of ozone in the poultry industry is in disinfection of the carcasses post-harvest.  Ozone will not only kill Campylobacter, but all other known pathogens as well.  Ozone is sprayed directly on the carcasses, the transportation equipment, and cutting utensils.  In addition to its disinfecting properties, ozonated water is also sprayed on machinery to minimize filth residues from fats, oils, and grease.  Since ozone produces no harmful byproducts, machinery does not require further rinsing after sanitation.  This in turn makes it a safe alternative to formaldehyde and chlorine for the workers applying the ozone disinfectant.  An ozone disinfection system is easy to implement in current processing plants as it can be put into any existing gas or aqueous dispensers.